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By David Osborn, MH, L.Ac.


Acid Reflux / GERD, a Modern Epidemic

You’ve just eaten, and you feel a burning fire in your tummy that just won’t go away. Before long, your stomach is no longer able to contain the fire, and you belch it forth, like a fire breathing dragon.  The caustic reflux juices burn your esophagus as they go back down, making your throat feel like coarse grade sandpaper.  You reach for an antacid, or for a little purple prescription pill if you’ve moved on to the harder stuff – something – anything! – just to put out the fire.  Unfortunately, the relief is only temporary, and with the next meal, the fire is back.  Sound familiar?  Then you’re probably one of the many sufferers of heartburn or acid reflux.  But take heart, dear reader – now there is a Greek Medicine e-book written just for you! 

Our modern diet, and our fast paced modern lifestyle, take a tremendous toll on our stomachs and digestive tracts, which are constantly under siege, especially from foods that are designed primarily to appeal to the taste buds, with little regard for their nutrition or digestibility.  And so, acid reflux, or GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) is at epidemic levels in our population, with manufacturers of both prescription and over the counter acid reflux remedies enjoying brisk sales.  But sadly, many of these pharmaceutical drugs can have serious side effects, and do nothing to heal the underlying cause of the problem.  This is where the gentle, natural therapies of Greek Medicine, like diet, herbs and lifestyle modification have a lot to offer, both as acute remedies for the condition, as well as long term healing solutions.  The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Acid Reflux and Indigestion – Naturally! was written to provide you, the reader, with the best natural therapies and remedies for treating acid reflux and the underlying digestive imbalances that can cause it.


The Simple, Natural Therapies of Greek Medicine for Treating Acid Reflux and Indigestion

While the modern, profit-driven pharmaceutical industry is eager to get you to take their latest prescription pill for acid reflux, which may have serious or insidious negative side effects over the long term, the simple, natural therapies of Greek Medicine have withstood the test of time, and are just as safe, gentle and effective today as they were back in the days of Galen and Hippocrates.  What are these natural therapies, and how do they work? 


Dietary Therapy: In spite of the propaganda of the pharmaceutical companies to the contrary, what you eat, and how and when you eat it, has a major impact on the health and soundness of your digestive system.  It’s just plain old common sense to reason that what you bathe your digestive organs in, two to three times per day, would have a major impact on their health and functioning.  And so, Greek Medicine sees dietary management as the most basic or primary way to manage acid reflux and other digestive disorders, and to bring them under control.  Hippocrates said, “let your food be your medicine”, and many common foods and their byproducts are beneficial in treating digestive disorders; conversely, other foods have a negative or aggravating effect on these and other digestive problems.  Learn which is which! 

Herbal Medicine: Natural healing and relief for your acid reflux and indigestion may be much closer than you think – as close as your kitchen spice rack!  Culinary herbs and spices not only improve the flavor of the food you eat, they also enhance its digestibility as well.  Learn what these common kitchen herbs and spices are, and how to use them, in this handy e-book.  Unlike too many pharmaceutical drugs, which work by blocking or interfering with natural bodily functions, many herbs work by strengthening, improving or enhancing these natural bodily functions, and one of the main bodily functions they enhance and improve is digestion. 


Lifestyle Modification: The entire digestive tract is quite psychosomatically responsive to our mental and emotional states; therefore, we should try, as much as possible, to reduce our levels of anxiety and stress when we eat, and enjoy a positive, congenial atmosphere at the dinner table whenever we can.  Learn some common sense tips in this e-book on when to eat, how to eat, and where to eat in order to integrate optimum digestion and nutrition in with a healthy lifestyle. 


A Little Sneak Preview of this Great New E-Book

This handy, easy to use guide to acid reflux and indigestion is streamlined and accessible, and is a great compendium of healing information that will help you understand how Greek Medicine approaches and treats these conditions.  In its pages, you will learn:
The basic pathophysiological mechanisms behind acid reflux (Chapter 2).
How the symptoms of low and high stomach acid can often mimic each other – and why it’s important to know the difference, and which condition you have, before treating your acid reflux symptoms (Chapter 2). 

How Greek Medicine approaches the problem of acid reflux, and other stomach and digestive disorders (Chapter 3).
Greek Medicine’s differentiation of acid reflux and other types of indigestion, and the basic humoral and pathophysiological syndromes behind them (Chapter 4).
How to heal and manage your indigestion and acid reflux with simple dietary modifications (Chapter 5). 

Nutritional supplements that are beneficial for treating acid reflux (Chapter 6). 
Simple lifestyle modifications that will manage or minimalize your acid reflux (Chapter 7). 
The principles of herbal medicine for treating acid reflux and other digestive disorders (Chapter 8). 

Quick and effective natural remedies for treating acid reflux (Chapter 9).  Among these great remedies are an herb that works so well for treating acid reflux that it could be called the “herbal purple pill”, and a pleasant tasting resin that can be chewed like chewing gum to settle the tummy and calm the digestion after meals. 
An acid reflux mini-herbal, containing Greek Medicine’s best herbs and natural remedies for treating acid reflux and other common digestive disorders, and how to use them (Chapter 11).

How to be your own herbal apothecary and make your own herbal remedies for treating acid reflux and other digestive disorders (Chapter 12).  Learn the basics of making herbal teas – infusions and decoctions ; herbal pastes, or electuaries; herbal pills; and alcoholic extracts of herbs, or medicinal tinctures – and when to use each.  Learn the art of herbal combining and formulation as well. 

This great new e-book, The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Acid Reflux and Indigestion – Naturally! is the end result of a whole lifetime of battling and treating acid reflux and other digestive disorders in both myself as well as my patients, and the best natural remedies for these conditions that Greek Medicine has to offer.  Order your copy today! 


DISCLAIMER: The information in this e-book is for educational purposes only, for general health maintenance and prevention, and is not meant to substitute for personal diagnosis and treatment from a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.  The reader assumes full responsibility and liability for the application of the information contained in this e-book, and is advised to seek the services of a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner should his or her condition or symptoms persist or worsen.  Other, more serious stomach and digestive problems may also exist. 


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