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by David Osborn, L.Ac.

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Constipation, the Mother of All Diseases

In Greek Medicine, we have a saying:  Constipation is the Mother of All Diseases.  That's because toxins absorbed from a stagnant or constipated colon enter the bloodstream, to circulate throughout the organism.  From there, these toxins can settle in virtually any part of the body, and can go on to cause or aggravate a whole host of chronic or degenerative diseases.

In Greek Medicine, bowel health and hygiene concerns the fifth of the Six Hygienic Factors: the Retention and Evacuation of Wastes.  Feces, or the stool, being the principal solid waste of the body, is naturally heavy, dense and sticky, and therefore the most prone to stagnation and retention of any of the body's four major wastes.  A healthy, well functioning colon is like the body's waste treatment plant, but a stagnant, constipated colon is like a toxic cesspool that poisons the whole organism. 

This has led many natural healers to proclaim that death begins in the colon.  Those who prefer to emphasize the positive put it this way:  Life begins with a clean colon.

Constipation and the Pathogenesis of Chronic and Degenerative Disease

Constipation, as the Mother of All Diseases, is often the initial gateway condition to a whole host of other diseases and disorders.  The digestive system is the first to be affected and manifest symptoms, but the morbidity and pathology can then spread from there to affect virtually any organ, system or part of the body.

Constipation can cause or aggravate many common digestive symptoms and complaints, including the following:  burping, belching, acid reflux; bad breath and chronic or recurring hiccups; stomach hyperacidity and heartburn; poor appetite and chronic indigestion; abdominal sluggishness, gas, distension and bloating; irritable bowel; intestinal fermentation, putrefaction and candidiasis; flatulence, often foul smelling; and an itchy, burning anus and/or hemorrhoids.

Other systemic diseases and disorders that can be spinoffs of constipation include:  moodiness and irritability, morbid thoughts; chronic or recurring headaches, chronic or recurring swollen or sore throat; fatty liver, jaundice and/or bilious disorders; shortness of breath, chronic cough or respiratory weakness; gynecological cysts, growths or tumors; chronic low back pain and/or weakness, sciatica; arthritis and rheumatism; and a generalized state of devitalization and low energy.

If you are suffering from any of these digestive or systemic conditions and complaints, I highly recommend that you assess the state of your colon health and bowel regularity.  And I give you the tools to do just that in this guide.

Laxative Abuse and the Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Constipation

Just as widespread as the modern epidemic of constipation is the abuse of strong, harsh laxatives to deal with this condition, which can become quite obstinate, recalcitrant and difficult to treat.  Laxative dependency and abuse is so widespread because these strong, harsh laxatives are, more often than not, part of the problem, and, in the process of providing temporary relef, actually aggravate or worsen the underlying root conditions that are causing the constipation in the first place. 

Instead of relying exclusively on medicines and laxatives to resolve the condition of constipation and its underlying root causes, The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Constipation and Natural Bowel Care gives you a Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Constipation, which tackles the problem of constipation from a wide variety of angles, and incorporates a diverse array of therapeutic modalities:  Exercise, lifestyle, dietary measures, special laxative foods, bodywork and physiotherapy, as well as laxatives, if you should still need them. 

And if the simple dietary, exercise and lifestyle measures suggested in the beginning of this ebook should prove to be insufficient by themselves in resolving your constipation and reestablishing bowel regularity, The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Constipation and Natural Bowel Care educates you in the art and science of using laxatives intelligently, judiciously and properly, and how to tailor them to suit your individual needs.  This intelligent and appropriate use of laxatives when and where necessary minimizes the risk of laxative habituation, dependency and abuse, and shows you a way out of this vicious cycle.

Other Things You Will Learn in this Valuable Guide

Some other things you will learn in The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Constipation and Natural Bowel Care include the following:

How to recognize and assess the underlying root causes and imbalances that are causing your constipation, and how best to address those causes to resolve the problem and restore bowel regularity.

How massaging a commonly available oil into your abdomen at night can relieve constipation and get your bowels to move by morning, without taking any laxatives.

How a certain simple sequence of yoga postures can stimulate and improve both your powers of digestion as well as promote bowel regularity.

How certain herbs, including many commonly available kitchen spices, can smooth out and improve the medicinal actions and effects of laxative herb formulas.

How laxative herbs and foods can be combined into delicious medicinal recipes for relieving constipation.

How certain herbs, both laxative and otherwise, can be used to treat yeast and candida infections, as well as many other "spin off" conditions associated with constipation.

How to create mild laxative and bowel tonic formulas that help to cultivate friendly probiotic bacteria in the colon and intestinal tract.

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The Greek Medicine Guide to Beating Constipation and Natural Bowel Care  contains a real treasure trove of information and tools that will enable you to understand and address the root causes of your constipation naturally, in a way that increases your overall health and wellbeing.  It shows you how to reduce your dependency on laxatives, or break the vicious cycle of laxative dependency altogether.  Just imagine - by reading and applying the information and simple instructions and recipes contained in this informative ebook, your constipation and bowel troubles could be a thing of the past!

A list of contents is as follows:

     Ch. 1:  Constipation, the Mother of All Diseases
     Ch. 2:  The Four Humors and the Physiology of the Colon
     Ch. 3:  Constipation and the Pathogenesis of Chronic and Degenerative Disease
     Ch. 4:  A Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Constipation
     Ch. 5:  Dietary Measures for Bowel Regularity
     Ch. 6:  Laxative Foods
     Ch. 7:  Physical Culture:  Exercise and Lifestyle
     Ch. 8:  Understanding Laxatives, and How to Use Them Properly
     Ch. 9:  Aperients and Bowel Tonics
     Ch. 10:  Bulk, Demulcent and Lubricant Laxatives
     Ch. 11:  Stimulant and Saline Laxatives
     Ch. 12:  Making and Taking Laxative Medicines

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