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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Comments and corrections from Orit – and my reflections

Orit Baruch, the subject of my previous blog entry, emailed me with some comments and corrections regarding what I wrote.  I would like to share these with you, and to add some reflections and commentary of my own. Orit’s comments and corrections brought me to a couple of important conclusions, or realizations: The first is […]

With Orit and Egal at Amirim

From Jerusalem, I took the bus north to Tiberias, which I used as a base for touring the Galilee. From Tiberias, I took a bus to the scenic mountain village of Tsfat, which is famous for Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. I had lunch in a restaurant in Tsfat’s Artists’ Quarter that consisted of a sandwich of Tsfat cheese […]

A Talk on Tibb in Nablus

The following Monday evening at a hotel overlooking Nablus, I gave an introductory talk on Greco-Arabic Medicine, or Tibb, at a conference of local physicians.  I gave a historical overview of Tibb, and introduced the doctors there to some of its basic concepts.  After the talk, I was given an award. An Herbal Secret Weapon “Mohammad, […]

My Healing Journey in the Holy Land

My own personal healing journey in the Holy Land started as soon as I arrived.  I read the internet weather report on the morning of my flight to Israel, and saw that it said that the weather in Jerusalem was quite warm and balmy, at least ten degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it was in Bucharest […]

Healing Herbs of the Holy Land

The Bible tells us that herbs were placed on earth for the healing of man.  In Genesis, God proclaims that the fruit of the tree is to be used for food, and the leaf thereof for medicine. In the Quran, God, or Allah, says that there is no disease created by Him for which He […]