Greek Medicine at Your Fingertips

     This website, like so much of Greek Medicine, is divided into four parts.  Its various parts and sections follow a natural, sequential pregression from the basic to the more complex, with each succeeding section being built on the foundation of the previous one.


PART ONE:  Introduction to Greek Medical History and Lore

     The Introduction section covers the very basics - what Greek Medicine is, and its distinguishing features as a holistic healing system.  This page, which is a part of it, is a general introduction to the website as a whole.
     The Mythology section introduces you to the major gods and goddesses who brought Greek Medicine into the world, and the classical Greek mythology, lore and archetypes associated with healing.
     The History section discusses the historical origins and development of Greek Medicine, and its influence on all medicine throughout history, right up until the present day. 
     Who's Who is a biographical introduction to the major historical personalities and great physicians who were instrumental in the development and spread of Greek Medicine. 


PART TWO:  The Heart of the Matter

     The second part, from Basic Principles through Diagnosis, covers the basic theoretical concepts of Greek Medicine as to how the body works, what can go wrong with it, and how to figure out what went wrong.  This is the heart of Greek Medicine, as it would be with any medical system. 
     Basic Principles covers the basics of how the body works according to Greek Medicine, and introduces you to its basic concepts: qualities, elements, humors, faculties, and so on.  Understanding the basic principles of Greek Medicine, as explained herein, is central and essential to understanding everything else on this website.
     Physiology continues this discussion of how the body works in more depth.  All the major bodily systems are discussed, organ by organ, part by part.  To grasp the material in this section, you must first understand the basic concepts introduced in the previous section.  The basic pathological vulnerabilities of each organ and part are also introduced; for the basics on this aspect, turn to the Pathology and Hygiene sections.
     Hygiene is a discussion of the principles of health maintenance and disease prevention in Greek Medicine.  Since so much morbidity and disease results from faulty hygiene, a thorough understanding of the hygienic principles of Greek Medicine is necessary to understand disease and how to treat it.
     Pathology discusses what can go wrong with the body and why, according to Greek Medicine.  To properly understand the articles in this section, you need a good grasp of the material in the preceding sections on Basic Principles, Physiology and Hygiene.
     Diagnosis introduces you to the basic methods and techniques that a traditional Greek physician uses to figure out what went wrong with the body, or what went out of order, which implies how to put it back into order.  And so, diagnosis provides the essential key to treatment.  Since the art of diagnosis can only be mastered through clinical experience under the guidance of a master physician, this section can only be an introduction.


PART THREE:  Greek Medicine in Action

     The third part, from Principles of Treatment through Medical Astrology, discusses how diseases are treated, and how remedies are found and administered in Greek Medicine.
     Principles of Treatment is a more technically oriented discussion of therapeutics in Greek Medicine, and the guiding principles behind it.  Designed for the serious student of Greek Medicine, it requires a thorough grasp of the theories and concepts presented in Part Two.
     Therapies is a discussion of the various treatment modalities of Greek Medicine, and what they have to offer those suffering from illness and disease.  The articles in this section are geared more towards the layperson, but still, a basic familiarization with the basic theories and concepts of Greek Medicine is advised.
     Medical Astrology is only one of the treatment modalities of Greek Medicine, but because this field is so vast, I have decided that, to do it justice, it desrves a whole section of its own.  Medical Astrology, as a subspecialty, encompasses both diagnosis and treatment.  Because Medical Astrology is an optional subspecialty of Greek Medicine, reserved for those who have the belief, inclination and aptitude  to practice it, it has been set aside in its own special section; study it if you're so inclined.


PART FOUR:  Outreach

     The fourth and final part of this website could be called the Outreach section.  It is designed to connect me with my public, and connect my visitors to the wider world of Greek and Unani Medicine and holistic healing. 
     The first page in this section is a short Biography of yours truly, David Osborn, as a holistic healer and educator.
     The second page is the Contact page, and tells you how to get in touch with me for consultations, classes and seminars, or simple guidance and feedback. 
     The third and final page is the Links page, which gives some major links for those interested in Greek Medicine and related subjects.  The links are classified according to subject content.  A great number of other useful links appear in the Internet Resources sections of the pages/articles they pertain to.



     The purpose of this website is primarily educational, to put the vast treasures and holistic healing wisdom of Greek Medicne at your fingertips.  I heartily welcome any guidance or feedback on my website, and how it may serve you, the reader, better.



David Osborn