Astrology and Preventive Medicine

     One distinctive virtue of Medical Astrology is its ability to predict upcoming health challenges that the individual will face through transits and pregressions to his/her natal horoscope.  The astrologer can tell when these health challenges will come, and what their nature will be.
     Through prediction, Medical Astrology takes preventive medicine to a whole new level.  No longer is prevention limited to general hygiene, diet, nutrition and health maintenance, but can be targeted specifically at strengthening the organism against upcoming health challenges, as indicated by the transits and progressions to the natal horoscope. 
     For example, major Uranus transits can be very challenging and draining to the nervous system.  Knowing that one is coming up in a month or two, one can prepare for it by taking herbal tonics to strengthen the nervous system.  If Uranus is making a challenging transit to the Moon, for example, one would want to prepare by doing a purification regime beforehand, to cleanse the stomach and bowels, and to be especially mindful of one's diet, while taking stomachic and carminative herbs and digestive tonics to optimize gastrointestinal function.


Transits in Medical Astrology

     Transits occur when a transiting planet makes a significant aspect, or angular relationship, to key planets or configurations in the natal horoscope.  The transiting planet indicates the nature of the process, change or influence, and the planet being transited indicates the affected organ or physiological function. 
     The transits that really count, or the ones to watch in Medical Astrology, are those involving the hard aspects, especially the conjunction, square or opposition.  Because the hard aspects are active and dynamic in nature, transits involving them actively precipitate medical events and pathological manifestations. 
     The soft, flowing aspects like the trine and sextile don't actively precipitate events like the hard aspect transits.  Nevertheless, they can have a healing and regenerative potential, but this potential tends to remain dormant unless actively awakened and exploited by a regime of health improvement.
     The transits that bring about the major events and changes in the life and health of the individual are those of the outer planets - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  The transits of the faster moving inner planets are important to watch only if they are especially emphasized, dignified or sensitively placed within the natal horoscope.  Otherwise, the transits of the inner planets act mainly as acute trigger mechanisms to actively manifest as pathology the underlying stresses and challenges of the outer planet transits.  In Medical Astrology, these would typically involve things like the lunar quarters and the stations and retrograde periods of Mercury. 


Saturn Transits

     Saturn transits have a Melancholic nature and temperament, and tend to manifest Melancholic pathology.  This often involves the bones, joints and connective tissue, as well as the teeth.  Since Saturn classically rules the two signs opposite the domiciles of the Sun and Moon, which are Capricorn and Aquarius, the vital energies of the luminaries will be greatly challenged if they are targeted by Saturn transits.  Since Saturn rules maturation and the aging process, Major Saturn transits also tend to be major turning points in the aging process. 
     If the Sun is targeted, the overall vitality, immunity, netabolic heat and pepsis of the organism will be challenged.
     If the Moon is targeted, the anabolic, vegetative and nutritive processes of the organism will be challenged, and nutritional deficiencies may develop.
     Saturn transits to Mercury tend to afflict the nervous system with tics, neuralgias, and nervous exhaustion; the respiratory function may also be constricted or weakened.
     Saturn transits to Venus also challenge the nutritive, anabolic processes of the organism, and may also affect the female organs, fertility, the menstrual cycle, or sexual response.
     Saturn transits to Mars involve both Melancholic stiffness, rigidity and obstruction, as well as Choleric irritation and inflammation; anemic conditions may also develop, as well as pathological aggravations of black and yellow bile.
     Saturn transits to Jupiter often involve the liver, and bring about shifts or challenges to the nutritive balance of the metabolism, favoring Melancholic deficiancy over Sanguine excess. 
     Saturn transits to natal Saturn most typically involve the bones, joints and connective tissue, and conditions such as osteoporosis; watch your calcium and mineral metabolism closely.
     Saturn transits to Uranus tend to have a nervous, spasmodic character. 
     Saturn transits to Neptune can involve deep-seated toxicity of the blood and lymph.
     Saturn transits to Pluto are especially challenging transformational crises, often involving tremendous or overwhelming burdens. 


Uranus Transits

     Uranus transits tend to be very stressing and challenging to the nervous system, since Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.  In addition to hyperexcitation and destabilization of the nervous system, the endocrine system may also be similarly affected.  Nervous and spasmodic afflictions are also common.  Wierd or bizzare occurences or accidents can also happen, totally unexpected.  Uranus tends to shake things loose, especially what has become too stagnant or rigid, to let in new life and change. 
     Uranus transits to the Sun often involve the heart, cardiovascular system, and sympathetic nervous system, as these two planets disposit  the Leo Aquarius Circulatory Axis.  There is also a tendency to hyperexcited, manic states.
     Uranus transits to the Moon usually involve insomnia and colicky, nervous or spasmodic afflictions of the stomach and intestines. 
     Uranus transits to natal Mercury are especially exhausting to the nervous system; nervous, spasmodic coughs may also develop. 
     Uranus transits to Venus often bring exciting, new or unexpected relationships into your life; however, you should be mindful of the consequences of licentious or promiscuous behavior.
     Uranus transits to Mars are noted for their tendency to bring on accidents through reckless, rash or impulsive behavior; they may also aggravate fevers, inflammation and other Choleric conditions, and exhaust the adrenals.
     Uranus transits to Jupiter tend to have a destabilizing effect on the liver, metabolism and glandular system. 
     Uranus transits to Saturn aggravate nervous and Melancholic afflictions. 
     With Uranus transiting natal Uranus, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and nervous, spasmodic afflictions can be especially problematic. 
     Uranus transiting Neptune can bring insomnia and sleep disturbances.
     Uranus transiting Pluto can bring about radical transformation. 


Neptune Transits

     Neptune transits can have a number of diverse manifestations.  Overall, they tend to have a weakening effect on immunity, especially if the vital core factors of the birthchart are being challenged.  Allergies and sensitivities may develop, and there is a tendency to become more sensitive to the effects of various foods and drugs on the organism.  There is also a heightened psychic sensitivity, leaky aura syndrome, and a tendency towars possession or obsession in those so predisposed.  There is also a tendency towards Phlegmatic pathologies and toxicity of the blood and lymph.  More specifically, Neptune transits are associated with toxicity from molds, yeasts and fungi and heavy metals.  If there's a predisposition towards it in the natal chart, addiction to drugs and alcohol can also be a problem. 
     Because Neptune tends to obscure and confuse things, one needs to be especially cautious about surgeries and other major medical procedures, including dental work, undertaken during Neptune transits, and always get a second opinion.  Often, a procedure trhat is actually quite harmful, insidious and invasive will be introduced as an innocuous trifle, or there will be unrealistic hopes or expectations placed on the procedure. 
     If the luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are being transited by Neptune, there may be visual problems or disturbances as their light is obscured.  Because Neptune rules the pineal gland, there may often be disturbances in our sleeping habits or sleep / wake cycles. 
Accidents can also happen under Neptune transits, and will often involve something freakish, improbable or bizzare. 
     After Saturn, Neptune is probably the planet most associated with chronic pathology in Medical Astrology.  The more important and central the planets and configurations being transited are, the more serious these conditions will be. 


Pluto Transits

     Pluto transits bring about a radical transformation or restructuring of whatever organ or function of the bodymind pertains to the planet being transited.  These transformations often involve a total shakedown or meltdown to the very foundations as a prelude to rebuilding the organism on a truer and sounder basis.  The more important and central the planet or configuration being transited, the more radical and far-reaching this transformation will be.
     Whatever the planet or part of the natal chart being transited, Pluto transits usually involve several key themes.  One is sexuality, which includes sexual manipulation, power and control; reproductive "accidents", unwanted pregnancies, abortions or sexually transmitted diseases.  Another key theme is death, which is the ultimate transformation; cancer or other terminal, life threatening illnesses may be involved, with the ultimatum: radically transform your whole way of life, or die!  The person undergoing a Pluto transit often must also confront his/her dark side, which can take many forms: a subliminal death wish, self destructive tendencies, a dirty dark secret or family legacy, or the macabre, forbidden, or taboo.  Transformation can also take the form of major surgery,  or as a grave, fated accident or wound, which has a transforming effect on one's life.
     Also connected with Pluto transits are events that might be called synchronistic or magickal, in which one's power and influence extends beyond the personal domain into the transpersonal.  Pluto transits often involve a purification or catharsis, in which old, dead, toxic matter, both psychic and physical, is dredged up to the surface to be released.  In bodily terms, this can often manifest as a boil, eruption or abcess.  But whatever form it takes, the catharsis will have a karmic, fated, inevitable character.


Inner Planet Transits

     As a rule, inner planet transits are fairly minor and transitory - unless they are particularly emphasized, dignified or critically placed in the natal horoscope.  Then the native, being sensitized natally to that planet, will be profoundly affected by whatever it does. 
     The general character of these inner planet transits will be of the nature and temperament of the planet in question:
     Jupiter:  Sanguine.  Excess, expanion, immoderation, weight gain, etc...
     Mars:  Choleric.  Fevers, inflammation, tension, stress, impulsive or reckless behavior, strife, accidents, bilious conditions, etc...
     Venus:  Sanguine.  Comfort, ease, beauty, the pleasure principle.  Love and romance, relationships, sexuality.  Kidneys, low back, aesthetic and Venusian body parts. 
     Mercury:  Nervous / Melancholic.  Nervous or spasmodic afflictions.  Mental stress or tension.  Respiratory problems.



     Transits are like the planetary climate, or weather.  They tend to be exogenous in nature - exogenous planetary influences coming to bear on the unfoldment of the natal horoscope and its potential over the lifespan of the individual.
     Progressions, on the other hand, are endogenous, or intrinsically generated.  They represent the planetary functions of the natal chart themselves, progressing and evolving over the course of a lifetime. 
     The most common form of progressions used in astrology are secondary progressions.  They're based on the symbolic substitution of a day for a year.  In other words, the progressions of the planets for 33 years after birth is the same as their positions by transit 33 days after birth. 
     The outer planets move so slowly by transit that their movements by progression are usually negligible or insignificant.  The only exception to this general rule is when retrograde outer planets turn direct by progression, or vice-versa; then remarkable reversals of fate can occur.
     The inner planets are the ones to watch by progression, because their progressed movements are fast enough to really make some difference.  Of these, the core triad of Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the most important.
     The progressed Sun shows your evolving Ignis, or metabolic Fire.  When the progressed Sun enters a new sign, there will also be a corresponding shift in the quality of one's vitality and immunity, Ignis and pepsis.  For example, when the progressed Sun enters into Cancer from Gemini, the nature of one's Ignis, pepsis and metabolism will get more Phlegmatic.  Significant hard aspects that the progressed Sun makes to other planets, either natal or progressed, are also important. 
     The progressed Moon shows your evolving anabolic and fluid metabolism.  Its sign changes, which happen every 2 and a quarter years or so, will also be felt.  The hard aspects that the progressed Moon makes with the progressed Sun, or the progressed lunar quarters, will have the same basic nature and temperament as their counterparts by transit, but will be felt more profoundly, because they last longer.  The progressed Moon causes two year shifts or phases in our overall mood and emotional temperament. 
     Progressed Mercury willsimilarly show your evolving mental nature and temperament, and how you express yourself in the world.  Progressed Venus will show how Venus' functions are evolving over the course of a lifetime, and the same applies to progressed Mars and progressed Jupiter. 


Temperament, Predisposition and the Root Prediction

     In all forms of astrology, the natal horoscope is called the Root Prediction.  By indicating the constitutional nature and temperament of your body and mind, it also indicates your inherent predisposition to various conditions and pathologies.  The natal horoscope, as the Root Prediction, affirms that no event or crisis, no illness or disease, can happen to you unless the potential for it is indicated in your natal horoscope. 
     This shows the danger of a standardized, "cookbook", one-size-fits-all approach to prediction via transits and progressions.  They cannot be taken out of context; their full significance to the individual experiencing them, and how they will play out, can only be interpreted or divined by placing them in relation to the gestalt of the whole natal horoscope.
     For example, transiting Mars crossing the natal Ascendant will will have a much more profound impact on someone whose natal Mars is conjunct or in hard aspect to his/her natal Ascendant, and also retrograde or afflicted in other ways, than it would be for someone whose Mars is harmoniously or inconspicuously placed within the natal horoscope.  And even the transits of the outer planets, although generally much more important and profoundly felt than those of the inner planets, will be felt even more strongly and deeply if the planet or point being transited is centrally or sensitively placed within the natal horoscope, or if the outer planet itself is also dignified or critically placed within the nativity.
     This fits in very well with the constitutional approach of Greek Medicine.  The manifestation of any illness, disease or pathology is always the result of the coming together of two complementary factors: exogenous stresses, risks or pathogenic influences and inherent vulnerabilities and predispositions, as determined by constitutional nature and temperament.  Medical Astrology, like Greek Medicine, is holistic and person-centered.


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