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Superfood Scammers – You Know Who You Are!

Over the years, I have examined various multi-level or network marketing opportunities in the booming health and wellness industry to see if there were any ones that were worth getting involved with, and more importantly, if there were any ones that I, as an herbalist and licensed acupuncturist, could, in good conscience, get involved with.  […]


In Greek Medicine and other natural healing systems, the spring season is the time to clean house, and detoxify the body in preparation for summer.  During the previous season of winter, heavy, hearty and rich foods tended to be eaten, giving the body a lot of nutritional and caloric support to resist the cold temperatures […]

Reflections on the Sorry State of America’s Healthcare System

Like many progressive people in the USA, I was extremely disappointed in the weak, watered down healthcare reforms that were passed by congress during this past year.  Even though it could be argued that the healthcare reform bill that was passed was a major step in ending the worst abuses of the private, for-profit health […]